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The One company that will reuse hardware.

One way we prove we are dedicated to saving you money is by using your old or fairly new equipment.

We understand the importance of keeping costs low & in cases where we can reuse hardware we will.   It will always be our recommendation to purchase new equipment because of our hardware warranty.  But, if the equipment is compatible we will use it.

Complete our request form to find out if we can use your hardware.

Terminal hardware compatibility requirements

Due to specifications requirements for certain products we cannot allow all hardware to be used.  It is true that not all cases of using pre-existing hardware end up in good stories.


Operating System

We can use Windows or Apple operating systems.  There are certain versions and models that are not approved. For example, Windows XP is not compatible.


Memory Storage

There needs to be at least 2GB of RAM on any terminal you will be using to run point of sale software.

Average Savings 

reusing hardware

One (1) Complete Station

Individual Pieces of Hardware

Whether you need to upgrade or purchase your first point of sale system it is going to cost money. Sometimes it could cost tens of thousands of dollars.  Most point of sale and payment processing companies require businesses to purchase brand new regardless of the situation. This fact stops business owners from progressing their operations.

Our company is driven to helping business owners no matter the scenario and we will try to save the business money first. We save businesses, on average, $2050 when purchasing one of our products or services then if they would have purchased from one of our competitors.